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8 Promising Steps You Want Acknowledge During Your Wellness Journey

Achieving wellness in a fast-paced world often seems more difficult than we expect. It takes awareness, time, and energy to become more aligned with the things we desire. In my previous blog post Beginners Guide To Wellness, I explained how wellness is multidimensional and if you are going to incorporate its cultivation into your life, you must know the ins and outs of this ‘multidimensional-ness’.

When I embarked on this wellness journey of creating a Plethora Wellness Lifestyle, I had no idea where to begin. And probably you too are facing the same difficulty. But the following wellness steps below are helping me along in this process. Mind you that I have not mastered them all. I’m taking them one step at a time.

1 Nutrition:

Nutrition is extremely important for developing wellness because it is the main resource for accessing vitality that the body uses. Our bodies use the food we consume to turn it into energy, so we can go about our daily lives. Our food intake has the power to either enhance our lives or slowly deconstruct our lives. If we leave our nutritional intake outside our cultivation, the body suffers because it does not receive the building blocks that it needs to produce and maintain physical wellness.

2 Exercising the Physical, Mental & Spiritual:

Physically we must consider the body and its needs by practicing a good diet, physical exercise, massage, stretching, personal hygiene, and even martial arts. All these things are tools for promoting and enhancing the overall wellbeing of the physical body. Mentally, we are considering our thoughts, emotions, and mindset. By practicing disciplines like meditation, affirmations, and conscious relaxation, we are inspiring our minds to have a break from habitual and stressful thought patterns, and at the same time, we can cultivate a plethora of positive and focused mindset that enhances positive thoughts and emotions. Spiritually we must consider ourselves as a whole package, looking at the bigger picture of our whole life alongside the rest of humanity, seeking out that which brings the most personal satisfaction and fulfillment

3 Self-Care:

How you take care of yourself requires thoughtful consideration and evaluation of where care is lacking, it is a personal assessment that should be honest and thorough. When we can understand that our cultivation of plethora wellness only requires that we place our attention on ourselves, to ascertain what is lacking, we can remove the pressure that we feel to fix everybody else’s life or to help other people without ever giving time to ourselves. That is what self-care truly means. If we allow other people to fix our problems, or force us to develop wellness, the moment that person left our life for whatever reason, our wellness will leave right along with them.

4 Balance in body and life:

Balance comes to us when we can learn to incorporate a holistic approach to wellness. This means that we have learned to pay attention to our bodies and minds and have uncovered any areas of our life that have been lacking cultivation. Balance in the body occurs when our thoughts, emotions, and actions are cultivated through our own positive influence. When the chemicals in our brain and body have been consciously influenced through various forms of physical and mental exercise, we begin to feel inspired and full of life and energy, because our bodies receive positive influence from our own actions. Balance in life is achieved when we can fully, freely, and harmoniously organize every area of our life, including our work, our own personal home, and our rest time, by incorporating the various requirements of physical, mental, and spiritual cultivation, for enhancing, developing, and maintaining wellness.

5 Achieving vitality instead of targeting disease prevention:

Consider your perspective when it comes to your health. Are you aiming to achieve a greater state of vitality and wellness to improve each present day, or are you simply trying to prevent some possible future medical condition, such as heart disease? By encouraging a good diet and a high level of nutrition, we can ensure that our bodies receive enough of what they need to prevent and fight off disease. By practicing regular exercise, we can help the body to stay active, which promotes greater blood flow and improves the levels of positive chemicals in the brain. This affects both the body and the mind in a way that helps us to feel happier and more positive in general, and at the same time, it maximizes the body’s defense when it comes to preventing illness.

6 Long term gains over quick fixes:

Since we want to achieve wellness in the long term for ourselves, we must develop an approach that is also focused on achieving wellness for the rest of our life, as opposed to thinking only about the coming weeks and months. People who practice for the short term tend to give up and stop cultivating the moment they begin to feel more positive, but this has the effect of letting the wellness deflate and become uninspired, which inevitably leads back towards ‘un-wellness’. If our wellness lifestyle is something that is going to profoundly impact us physically, mentally, and spiritually in a positive way, then it would make sense for us to not just practice it in the short term, but to learn how to practice it every day with the intention of never going back to a lifestyle that promotes ‘un-wellness’.

7 Personal fulfillment:

By considering your own personal states of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, you can create an approach to a wellness lifestyle that is completely your own. By doing this, you will uncover every area of your life that is lacking, and you will ensure that you give yourself exactly what you need to achieve complete personal fulfillment. When focusing on your own personal fulfillment, you are sure to be working towards the achievement of everything you could possibly want from life and from within yourself, including, good health, prosperity, and happiness. By filling our lives, bodies, and minds with healthy, positive information, and by giving ourselves only healthy and positive fuel, we are encouraging nothing but the growth of wellness in our everyday lives.

8 Environment and creating a sanctuary:

By ensuring that everything around you has the right focus of cultivation, you are guaranteeing that you will receive nothing but the right kind of suggestions that lead towards greater health, wellbeing, and happiness. Your own home or private workspace should be the prime focus of your attention regarding developing this kind of sanctuary. You cannot control anything that is beyond your own personal reach, but these two places are well within your sphere of influence. By building yourself a sanctuary that is specifically tailored to your personal wellness cultivation, you are ensuring that you are receiving the highest levels of positive influence to achieve this goal.

And finally…

Regardless of our current state, whether we consider ourselves to be well or unwell, we can know that it is possible to either develop wellness in our life or maintain our current state of wellness through deliberate effort. Each day is a fresh, new start, and we decide how we’re going to make the most of it. This is something that takes willpower, determination, and consistency to initially encourage, and later continue to develop and maintain. When we feel wonderful because of our deliberate effort in achieving a plethora of wellness, we suddenly realize that it is something that we can continue to promote for the rest of our lives. And make sure that you always enjoy your journey by living for the moment.

Plethora Wellness Lifestyle Team

Plethora Wellness Lifestyle Team


  1. Katherine

    Great list. I find personal fulfillment and long terms goals really work hand in hand. It’s just a matter of keeping them in your sights. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anaastasia

    Great piece! Nutrition is the area in my life that needs the most improvement. Currently working on it, tho!

    • Plethora Wellness Lifestyle Team

      I’m glad to hear that Anaastasia. Keep it up. Keep an eye on the website cause I will placing a free wellness self-awareness tools. You will be surprised by the results when you’re finish using it..

  3. Michelle

    Love this, it covers so many important aspects beyond just the usual (why to eat healthy, etc.). I feel like personal fulfillments in particular are very underrated but so important to our overall health.

    • Plethora Wellness Lifestyle Team

      I totally agree with. Most of the times when we refer to wellness the first things that comes to mind is indeed; eating healthy and exercise. But wellness is a lot more than that. My Beginners guide to wellness article explains all of that.

  4. Delaney

    Love this! Thanks for mentioning self-care! It is so important and I definitely could use some work there!

    • Plethora Wellness Lifestyle Team

      Hi Delaney,
      I’m so happy that this post has been a reminder to you to focus more on caring for yourself. Maybe this article can be your guide in your self-care journey.

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